Twin Spindle Twin Turret Turning Centerlines

Using a 2-axis milling machine to perform your spindle centerline adjustments is a good idea. This makes the system more efficient, and may even improve the quality of the work done with the machine.

twin spindle twin turret turning center

The basic idea behind the use of an axis milling machine to make use of spindle centerline adjustments is that the machine will cut your spindle into a slot in the lathe. As you turn the spindle of the machine will simply move up and down and adjust the slot. It takes less time to use the machine to make adjustments.

It is well known that some machine tools are not suited for the spindle centerline adjustment. For example, a rotary tool may not fit the lathe to correctly complete the process.

When using the spindle centerline adjustments to do precision milling with your milling machine, it is important to know the proper technique to make use of the machines and make accurate adjustments to your lathe. You can use your lathe a couple of different ways, but if you don’t properly adjust the lathe with the machine it could result in errors when turning the spindle. Using the machine to make adjustments will save you a lot of frustration and many hours of trial and error.

So let’s take a look at how the spindle centerline adjustments are made. First of all, you need to have your milling machine mounted to your lathe with a chuck that is going to fit the outer diameter of the spindle. You will also need to get the chucks that are designed to accept the machine into the right places on the spindle.

Now, when you are starting to turn your spindle to make your spindle centerline adjustments you will want to make sure you have enough slack in the spindle. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to do a spindle adjustment and having too much spindle play. By the time you get around to making the adjustment, the spindle will be way out of position. So to avoid this, you will want to make sure you have enough slack in the spindle when you start the spindle center setting process.

Then you will want to start the spindle center setting process by moving the spindle forward until it is touching the stop. Do not start with the cutting tool in place or your cutting tool could come off the machine. After the stop is reached, you should then move the spindle down to where it contacts the hole that you would like to cut in the spindle. Hold the spindle back until the grinding wheel is in place.

As you keep the spindle center setting process going you will want to make sure that the cutting tool is aligned with the edge of the spindle as you are turning it. If you have a turning machine and a small piece of wood that you would like to change in shape, there is no other way to achieve this other than by turning the piece in the lathe. So having the piece of wood properly aligned with the piece of wood you are turning is a very important part of the turning process.