Important Facts About Twin Spindle Turning Centers

Many people in the American furniture industry may have a lack of knowledge about twin-spindle turning centers, and their actual purpose. For those who are very new to the art of turning, this article will not only help you understand the process of turning, but will also offer you some tips for buying one.

Spindles are used for turning two or more pieces of wood at the same time. They are shaped in such a way that they produce a more streamlined and pleasing look when it comes to furniture. When turned on their ends, they become spiral spindles. Spiral spindles, while not very attractive, are perfectly fine for a table or for other household items that will stand the test of time.

Spindles for turning may be either cast iron or steel. Steel is said to be stronger than its cast counterpart, which is a result of the fact that it is coated with a thin layer of carbon. It is believed that the lack of coating, or the “nano-coating”, contributes to the strength of steel. Aluminum spindles, however, are also stronger than the steel one.

Twin-spindle turning centers may also be sold as single-spindle or double-spindle. The difference between the two is their size. The twin-spindle is always larger than the single-spindle one, which means that they are more useful.

The spindles are usually placed in an aluminum holder that is commonly called a bucket. The buckets can be cylindrical or oval in shape, and are fitted with the spindles that fit between their jaws.

In addition to the spindles, twin-spindle turning centers may also include a bearing seat that fits between the spindle and a base plate. The seat helps the spindle turn without causing any wear to the opposite metal.

If you’re planning to buy twin-spindle turning centers, then there are a few things that you need to know first. The first thing that you need to do is find out what size spindles you need, whether it’s one or two. You may also need to decide on the type of material that you want your spindles to be made of.

There are many online stores where you can find twin-spindle turning centers, though you may also find them at any home or local stores, such as department stores, home furnishing stores, and furniture stores. Keep in mind that the spindles are usually sold by the reel, meaning that you have to pay more if you buy them in packs.