The Types of CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machines

A CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine is a computerised machine that either makes light taps or produce very fine, exquisite finishes. The CNC is fully automated and is usually found in woodturning, metalworking, welding and also other mechanical engineering applications. It is worth pointing out here that this machine makes use of an abrasive wheel for the actual cutting process. This can be compared with the use of a drill press in the same domain. The CNC is just more precise than the former.

There are different types of CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine that can be used depending upon the requirements of the customer and the machining specifications. The basic types are found in either a direct drive or an indirect drive CNC system. In the former, the motor is positioned above the work area with the workidium located in between. The spindle and the head of the CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine are then fixed above the work area and the material is moved through the spindle onto the mandrel or table via the axes. These axes are set on the table and are moved to adjust the height of the spindle and the type of material to be turned. Once the material is turned, the motor raises or lowers the spindle and the workpiece is then moved onto the mandrel for further machining operation.

In the indirect drive CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machines, the main control unit is placed below the lathe. The material and the head of the CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine are moved into the lathe and the workpiece is moved out of the way via the axes. This type of machine has the ability to cut very intricate shapes that are comparable to that of a professional lathe. The main downside of this kind of CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machines is that it requires considerable manual movement. It is suitable only for smaller projects that require minimum machining operations.

The next type of CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine is the fully automatic maschinengesmbh which has been manufactured by the German company Festool. Unlike the self-retracting type, the fully automatic maschinengesmbh CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine can work at any speed depending on the operator’s preference. It uses the same types of technologies that an automatic CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine uses such as fully programmable axes, phase lock repetition and also the ability to control the number of turns the grinding wheel moves during each revolution of the spindle.

Next is the GPM (Gambrel Partitioned) CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine which is similar to the self-retracting type with the exception that it has been partitioned into three main sections. This type of CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine has a higher torque output than its self-retracting counterpart due to its high-torque drive and also features fully programmable axes. The main drawback is that it has lower grinding speeds compared to the other types. It can only perform in the fine-grained to coarse-grained sanding conditions. Despite this limitation, this grinding machine tool still provides a unique solution to the demands of custom CNC machining applications.

Last is the CNC Turbo Sanding Grinder that is made by the Swedish company MTH. The machine has three stages of operation which are self-controlled. It uses abrasives such as diamond or graphite and also various grits of sandpaper. It is suitable for the manufacturing lines used to create metal products and the best thing about the product is that it can be programmed for different types of operations such as surface grinding, custom grinding, and surface polishing.